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All Quotes submitted before August 23rd 2023 enter a raffle to win a “FREE” Kong-Elite 19.4kW OFF-GRID Battery


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Welcome to Discount Solar Group: Making Solar Simple

At Discount Solar Group & Roofing Experts, we are dedicated to making the transition to solar energy simple and seamless for our customers. Our team of experts specializes in providing top-notch solar solutions, enabling you to harness the incredible power of the sun. With our comprehensive services, including solar installations and roofing expertise, we offer a one-stop solution for all your solar and roofing needs. Trust Discount Solar Group & Roofing Experts to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, reliable solutions, and unmatched customer service, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of solar energy while enjoying a secure and well-protected roof. Experience the power of solar made simple with Discount Solar Group & Roofing Experts.

Kamji Ghachge
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"Overall 5 star experience!!! Ricardo and Stephen were on time , did a thorough inspection of the roof , and gave me a detailed estimate with different pricing options. Price was fair but the communication from start to finish was outstanding. Now for less than our normal electric bill we have a new roof and solar."
Keith Stethehal
Keith Stethehal
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I was glad to do business with a fellow veteran owned company. I had my system installed 5 weeks from the day of signing went with with2 Kong 19 KW batteries and I’m pretty much off the grid and love it.
Kendra Daggeth
Kendra Daggeth
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Living in Rancho Cucamonga, I’ve had 7 or 8 solar estimates over the years and never pulled the trigger and the sales guys were very clean cut and professional, and turned out to be roofing experts also and help me with my tile roof.
Patricia Relles
Patricia Relles
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I just had my roof replaced. Cleanliness is important to me and my time is precious. What I was impressed with was their cleanliness while working on my house. The workers didn’t leave debris or trash laying around after they left each day. After the work was done, my yard looked the same as when they started. The workers arrived on time and didn’t overstay their welcome. I am pleased with their work and the look of my new roof!

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Discount Solar Group
Kong-Elite 19.4kW OFF-GRID Battery

All Quotes submitted before August 23rd 2023 enter a raffle to win a "FREE" Kong-Elite 19.4kW OFF-GRID Battery